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Love these!!

Love these!!

Me & My Chucks (Taken with instagram)

Me & My Chucks (Taken with instagram)

Trends I Wish Would Go Away

  • I’m all for taking a fashion risk, but the new heights that heels have gone to are, well, a bit ridiculous. The Armadillo shoes made famous by Lady Gaga in her “Bad Romance” video, designed by Alexander McQueen, were just about the perfect example of how crazy we can go for “fashion.” Gaga later wore the shoes recreationally and it didn’t stop there.  Not sure what the benefits of this is, but I know your feet feel all the pain.
  • Back in elementary school I was called four eyes and a dork. My glasses were funny looking, which is what all free glasses covered by my parents health plan looked like. These days people are walking around with enormous black rimmed glasses that, often, don’t even have lenses in them. So now having glasses that are bigger than your face make you “cool?”
  • This one is easy. Showing your underwear has never been and never will be cool. Sagging, which people don’t realize is a jail inmate look, is simple pathetic and no self respecting man or woman should think they look good.
  • Here I thought that pants were meant to cover and show of your figure, but along come Harem pants, years after MC Hammer, and JLO makes them cool. Apparently it’s ok to look like your wearing horribly loose diapers or like a genie.
  • Again with the weird bottom half. I have no idea why any teenage girl would want to look like she borrowed mom jeans but lately thats what’s “in.” Doesn’t everyone laugh at the SNL mom jeans sketch? So why are we copying the likes of Vanessa Hudgens and her high waisted butt cheek bearing jean shorts?
  • It’s understandable to be different and be you, but why was the shaved head not cool when Britney did it? Yea she was having a breakdown, but don’t we all at some point in life. If you want less hair why not chop it all off or. Shaving one side of the head seems great until you realize at some point it will be uneven.
  • I love the Boho look, but these headbands are, in my opinion, a bit too much. What happened to not trying to hard? The simple ones I was okay. 
  • Piercing what you want is up to you. It’s no ones problem. But imagine getting into a fight and having this nose to ear chain pulled from your face. Oh the pain you nose and ear would experience.
So edgy

So edgy

Milly. 22. A New York City writer, photographer, aspiring professional, fashion and pop culture junkie, and as of recently blogger.